Dancefloors & Staging

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If there is going to be dancing at your event we strongly recommend using a professional Dancefloor, which offers a flat hard surface that is securely joined together. Not only does it add to the overall image of your marquee, it creates a focal point for the evening music and the first dance!

We stock two styles of dancefloor – Oak Parquet finish and a Black & White Chequered finish. Staging is requested by most bands and DJs. It is not only practical for musicians to perform on a stage in terms of visibility, but a stage really focuses the evening entertainment.

Sound & Speeches

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Pioneer DJ DJM-900 NXS Mixer
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Pioneer CDJ-2000 CDJs
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Allen & Heath ZED-10 Mixing Desk
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RCF ART712-A Mk4 Speakers
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RCF SUB7005-AS Subwoofer
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Shure BLX288 with twin PG58 Microphones

We have a variety of sound packages and DJ equipments available, including Pioneer DJ CDJs, Allen & Heath Mixing Desks, Shure Wireless Microphones and other equipment. We believe that quality and reliability are important so we only use these reputable manufacturers.

Speeches are a very important part of your wedding, so you need to make sure they are clearly heard! Our wireless microphones are simple to use and make sure not a word is missed! If you already have a band / DJ booked, some speakers are often required to play background music during the reception or to continue the party after the band have left!

Marquee Heating

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Heating is absolutely essential for keeping your guests comfortable at any marquee event held during the winter months especially.

Our indirect space heaters sit outside the marquee and channel hot air through ducting into the marquee via a diffuser, all controlled by a thermostat inside the marquee. The Arcotherm EC85 heaters that we stock are leading industry standard units, offering top class safety and reliability.

We also stock Pyramid Patio Heaters, Indian Firebowls and Infrared Heaters – we’ll keep you warm for those winter events!

Other Marquee Accessories

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5m Diameter Canvas Bell Tents
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Wooden Marquee Doors
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Walkway Matting to your Marquee
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Decorative Vintage Apple Crates
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6ft Coat Rail & Hangers
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Wedding Cake Table
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Galvanised Buckets
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Vintage Step Ladders
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Vintage Cart Wheels
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Luxury Toilet Trailers
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60KVA Silent Diesel Generator
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45KVA Silent Diesel Generator
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3m Fridge Trailer
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Indian Fire Bowls
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Bean Bags
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Wedding Signage
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20" Mirror Ball
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Artificial Plants
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Decorative Wedding Signs
Directional Chalkboard Signs, wedding signs, event signage
Directional Chalkboard Signs
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Vintage Easels
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Vintage Buckets & Troughs
Ivy Garlands with Fairy Lights
Artificial Ivy with Fairy Lights
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