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Lighting Hire for both inside and out is a vital part of any event, but it’s importance is often overlooked.

Venue lighting is a fantastic way to help create the mood that you are looking for – whether it be a more formal event with dimmed Chandeliers and Marquee Uplighters or a more relaxed theme using warmly lit Paper Lanterns and coloured mood lighting. Exterior lighting can really enhance the outside space by highlighting features such as large trees and buildings. It is also important to illuminate walkways, car parks and toilets.

Cart Wheel Lighting

Our Cart Wheel ‘Chandeliers’ are always supplied with dimmers to create a more atmospheric mood.

Hanging Edison Filament Lamps

A very trendy lighting hire option are these dimmable filament lamps, available in several shapes and sizes.

Marquee Uplights

As a starting point to marquee lighting, our warm white marquee uplights do the job nicely! Colours also available.

Ivory Lanterns and Fairy Lights

Hanging Paper Lanterns remain a popular way to add some decorative lighting to a marquee or barn venue.

Vintage Ladders & Edison Lights

Possibly our most popular lighting style, horizontal 3m rustic ladders with hanging Edison Lamps.

Festoon Walkway Lighting

We often light outside walkways with festoon lighting, essential to guide the way to the marquee or toilets etc

20" Mirror Ball

The classic starting point to any party lighting, the good old Mirror Ball! Always supplied with spot lights.

Rustic Ladder Lighting

Beautifully decorated rustic wooden ladders with hanging Edison lamps over the dining tables.

Hanging Lanterns with Bulb

Paper Lanterns available in any size or colour, these are installed with dimmable warm white lamps.

Pastel Coloured Lanterns

These lanterns can be hung with or without lights to introduce a splash of colour to your event.

Coloured Uplighting

Sound sensitive coloured lighting that reacts to your music, or can slowely fade through colours.

White or Coloured PAR Cans

Our LED PAR Cans can be set to any colour with many effects options. Available with Lighting Desk.

Coloured Uplights and Festoon

Dancefloor lighting with colour-changing uplights and a mixture of festoon lights and lanterns.

Exterior Festoon Lighting

Essential for lighting pathways to the tent, toilets or car park. These festoon lights can be used inside or out.

Exterior Flood Uplights

We stock a variety of sizes of flood lights, ideal for lighting up anything from small trees to large houses.

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights hung from a Capri Marquee to illuminate the outside area – effective on a nice evening!

Fairy Lights

The classic wedding lighting – good old Fairy Lights. With several kilometres in stock, we love them!

Bespoke Cable Reel 'Chandeliers'

Our hand made Cable Reel ‘Chandeliers’ are available in different sizes, with hanging Edison Lamps.

Coloured Outdoor Lighting

Trees and shrubs around your event will look great illuminated, our floods are either coloured or warm white.

Fairy Light Curtains

Available in 2m widths, these curtains look great behind your top table or as the backdrop to your band.

Moving Head Party Lights

Here we used ‘Moving Heads’ with our blackout star linings to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Blackout Starlight Linings

Some party lighting combined with our Starlight Linings creates the perfect party atmosphere!

Dancefloor Lighting

You need great lighting for the first dance! Here the wash lights and mirror balls to create the ideal effect. is the trading name of Taddle Farm Tents Limited.
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